The Quakers started around 1650. George Fox proclaimed that "Christ has come himself to teach his people". Their uniqueness was that they emphasized "the light within" (the Holy Spirit) over "the light without" (the Bible). Quakers still meet in silence waiting for the spirit to bring a message to them through someone. The Quakers in the Philadelphia area have long left everything Christian and everything Biblical behind. They've decided that homosexuality is ok and that the light within is probably not even God, just a force in nature and the universe. If the organic church movement moves away from being 'organic' because the Bible says we are organic; and instead moves towards being 'organic' because we 'feel the leading of the Spirit' teaching us that we are organic; then it is likely only a matter of time before the majority of those who claim to be organic church (not the individuals who are truely born again but the majority of professing 'organic' church) will have drifted as far away from the God of heaven as the Quakers have.

Thomas M Siegel Wesley taught the Word and the Spirit. I liken it to the two edged sword. Thanks for the post.
Stephanie Renzo Bennett There still exist a number of Quakers in the USA (about 1%) who consider themselves conservative Quakers. They believe that Jesus Christ is the inward light and the Bible is still important. When you hear talk of 'inner light" you can generally be sure that they are not conservative. It's a small differentiation from INWARD to INNER, but a huge difference in belief and practice.
Jim Noetzelman Trying to follow what you are getting at Wayne. Haven't come across the word "organic" in the bible itself which seems to be a large part of your thought. Can you clarify? Thanks.
Wayne ODonnell Jim, roughly house church = simple church = organic church etc with different emphases. Check out
Dan Beaty Wayne, it is interesting that you brought this up. Just yesterday, it struck me that one of the reasons I keep coming back to the Bible is that I have mystical tendencies myself. For years I hung with others who eventually drifted away from sound teaching like you say many Quakers have. In fact, that was one of the factors that pushed me towards the Biblical house church. 

Many house church/simple church/organic church groups hold a high view of the Bible and the leading of the Holy Spirit. They would not even understand the debates that sometime happen here.
Thomas M Siegel Can you elaborate on your last paragraph Dan? Seems like the opposite would be true if they regard the Word and the Spirit highly they should be able to understand any debate. Unless you mean by 'They' the Quakers.
Dan Beaty Thomas, what I mean is they see no reason to argue which is better, the Word or the Spirit.
David Cressey The word "better" can be tricky. It suggests either/or instead of both/and.
Gordon Kelsall Lindberg yeah that's pretty sad. The Quakers were one of the first denominations to oppose slavery.
Thomas M Siegel I have an old friend who was a brother in the Lord. Very intellectual type, he made a few concessions in his theology toward a humanist view. Staunch Calvinist, believed in the gifts of the Spirit, knows the scriptures, studied Greek and Hebrew. His son is in a homosexual lifestyle and now he attends a "Gay Church". He told me recently if his theology got in the way of his compassion for people he would abandon Christianity. Sadly to me, he already has. As certain denominations are heading down this road and the nation as a whole is being forced into acceptance I pray the church that remains will be distinctive in love, and strong in the fundamentals, that will be a dirty word, as we will be lumped in with the Taliban. The great falling away goes on.