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Ezekiel 40-48: Video Tour of the Messianic Temple
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Jewish Bible Studies:
Use Jewish Scriptures Only ('Old Testament').  Non-Proselytizing.
Athiests and Agnostics Welcome.
1) The Seven Days of Creation
2) The Five Jewish Covenants - Part 1 (Abrahamic, Mosic, Land)
3) The Five Jewish Covenants - Part 2 (Davidic, New)
4) The Two Regatherings of Israel and The Day of the LORD
5) The History of the Shekinah Glory
6) The Book of Daniel - Part 1
7) The Book of Daniel - Part 2
8) The Battle
9) The Messiah
10) The Kingdom
11) The Song of Solomon
12) Bible Timeline
13) The Law
14) Salvation

Miscellaneous Bible Studies:
1) The Genealogy of Yeshua

Christian Bible Studies:
1) 1 Corinthians 11: The Headcovering and Lord's Supper Ordinances

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